Daisy’s head was spinning. She looked down at her bleeding hands and could feel the pain seeping into them. The tears were beginning to well up in her eyes as she looked down at her legs covered in the little pebbles from the path. The dancing light she had been chasing had disappeared and she suddenly felt very alone at the bottom of the garden. All her energy was gone and as she struggled to stand up, the sound of tinkling bells began to ring in her ears. She looked around wildly trying to find it’s source. It was coming from the rose bush. She slowly crawled underneath and her eyes widened at the sight before her.

There were tiny lanterns strung between the branches casting a warm glow over the tiny village below. There were miniature houses made from hollowed out pinecones dotted about, fairies gliding passed, stopping to chat when they spotted a familiar face and the younger fairies were tossing blackberries to each other in what looked like a very complicated version of rugby.  Right in the middle of the circle  was a small brick well where  two old fairies sat surrounded by the purple smoke from their pipes. A beautiful fairy with long golden girl was approaching them with a parcel in her hands when Daisy shouted ‘YOU!’. The fairy stopped abruptly and turned around. “Yes you. You stole my tooth and I want it back.”

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